Many individuals do not intuitively understand how their behavior affects other people. Social Behavior Mapping, one of the most popular tools within the Social Thinking Methodology, is a visual flowchart that is used to “map” the consequences of any behavior in any situation – good or bad, and brings to light the perspectives of everyone affected by the behavior. The tool is based on the concept of the Social Emotional Chain Reaction, the idea that how we act affects how others feel, how we make others feel affects how they treat us, how we are treated affects how we feel about others and ultimately – how we feel about ourselves. Social Behavior Mapping and the Social Emotional Chain Reaction is at the foundation of social interaction and is at the heart of what we teach through the Social Thinking Methodology.

This book presents a collection of over 50 Social Behavior Maps that are already filled out for common situations that students experience at school, at home, and in the community. Consider these “cheat sheets” for you when you’re helping a student fill out a blank map. This book is designed for parents and professionals to use with individuals of any age. We have found that for those under 3rd grade it is helpful to fill out the maps with pictures/graphics instead of written words.

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